Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday ~ October 9, 2010

I was feeling bad bad bad that day. I was just tired, my body was just plain pooped from carrying 3 babies around for all that time. I had a really rough night at work the day before and actually went home early. I had so much pain in my belly pretty low down, where when I think about it now it was where Catherine was laying. It was so bad I was brought to tears. I told the Manager I was going home and he tried to argue, but I think he figured he better let me go. So I went home and slept, slept as much as I could. Drank a ton of water and put my feet up that day. I just lounged around all day, I just wasn't feeling good. We weren't too busy at work and I wasn't completely worried about calling out for that day since I was still not feeling too hot. Anthony went to my mom's house that day and it was fine with me because that meant I didn't have to worry about cooking dinner and keeping track of any kids. I ended up getting hungry later that night and decided I better figure something out, I called my mom to find out what they were doing, she said they were going to Applebees and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I figured I might as well since I was feeling a bit better and I was hungry like a Pooh bear.

I dragged my sorry butt upstairs to change and when I pulled my pants off to get some on that fit I felt water come down my legs and drip on the rug. I looked down and saw it was not clear, my thought? "Um...I don't think that is pee...why is it pink?" Well the first call I made was to my mom to tell her I couldn't go to dinner, and I told her I think my water broke, so I said I would call her back since I needed to call my doctors. I called one, no answer. Called the other...no answer. Oh crap. That's not good. Well I just kept calling and leaving messages. Well when 15 minutes went by and I still had no answer I figured I better get my ass in the car and drive to the hospital.

So off to Summerlin Hospital I went. Luckily on the way there one of the doctors called and said that I should get to the L&D right away and he would call and let them know that I was on my way. I called my mom back and begged her to meet me there until Cisco got there. She said that when they were done eating that she would be there. I wasn't thrilled with that but what was I going to say?

So I went and checked in. Told the nurses what was going on and they proceeded to have me change in a gown, went down to see if my water did actually break and found out yes indeed it did. I wasn't going anywhere. So when they went to put the baby monitor on I laughed. She asked me what was wrong, and I reminded her I had triplets, she must not have known and laughed. So she had to go and get more cables and wires to hook me up to. While I was being monitored and waiting for the good word from the doctor or the nurses my mom finally walked in. I was so happy to see her. We tried calling Cisco and told him what was going on. With it being a Saturday night they were busy and he was going to get out of work as soon as he could and wanted to make sure that my mom or myself was keeping him updated with what was going on that way he could leave sooner if need be.

The nurses came in with a big needle and said to roll over...well since the babies were preterm I needed to get a steroid shot so that it would help develop their little lungs should they need to be delivered early.

A few hours later they moved me into a labor and delivery room and kept me hooked up to wires. A doctor finally showed up (unfortunately for me it wasn't my doctor) and was monitoring me and seeing if I was dialated (which would have been bad news) and checking the babies heartbeat. It was the worst feeling with my water being broke, I had to go pee all the time and I know that the only reason wasn't because of carrying the girls. I just felt like I was going without wanting to since I was leaking so much. Plus, being on my back made me so sick and nearly passing out. Horrible I tell you.

At about 11 or 11:30 that night Cisco came walking through the door, but was funny was how fast he came through the door, like he was racing to be first. My mom and I sent him home to get nice and comfy since he would be spending the night on the in room couch.

It was a restless night, nurses in the room every 3 hours like clock work. Feeling like I was constantly wet and leaking, thirsty, doctor coming in to check on the babies heartbeats, and just uncomforatable in general. I was so thankful when I was able to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom, minus unhooking from everything and making sure I didn't trip on everything I was pulling with me. Cisco was wonderful, he would wake up to help or check on me to see if everything was ok.

I was so hoping that this would be a fast process...