Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Break...

Time to take a break from the triplets and just everyday life. We went to Lake Tahoe in late June and that left me even more exhausted than before. The 9 hour drive with 3 babies and 2 teenagers starts to wear on you after the first hour.

So when I had decided to take Anthony on a trip with just the two of us (since Olivia spent her birthday in New York with just me) he picked Disneyland. Even though we drove and it's close it came out to about the same amount of money nearly!

I must confess I am a Disney girl through and through. Always have been. I was fortunate enough to have a family that was able to take my brother and I nearly every year or so and my mom loves Disneyland so that helped. I cry (or come close) every time I get near the gates to enter. Just like a little kid I'm full of excitement. I cry during the fireworks and other parades and shows from pure happiness. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was drawn to tears today when I saw a little girl being sang to by an all female mariachi group, one of the women knelt down to her and sang "Kiss the Girl" from Little Mermaid. I love the fact that the people that work here go out of their way to make your day special. It's clean and I don't know how anyone could be mad or angry when they are here. I want my kids to experience the same thing as I had as a little kid, even with having 5 kids it just takes more planning and some extra saving, but my girls will know the happiness that comes with being here. Disneyland is the only place that I never care how much soda, ice cream, candy or even churros they have. As far as I am concerned its all a part of the experience. "oh you want a hat with your name on it? Sure!". "you want an ice cream sundae at 10am and you refused to eat breakfast?! Sure!". Ask me for the world while we are here and I'm pretty much ok with making that desire come true as well. I love being here, it will never change.