Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pretty Sure I'm Going To Go Crazy

Yep it's official, I have fallen off the deep end. I am so over all these kids. Been feeling that way for a while. One doesn't know how to say anything that makes sense or that doesn't sound idiotic, one can't stop talking about kissing a boy and the other three, well the don't stop fighting and screaming. My nerves are shot. I think of ways that I can land myself in the hospital for a few days, just to escape all of it. Worries me a bit but that's how fed up I am and how desprate I am for an escape. Nothing that will cause serious harm, just maybe something that will need a few days observation perhaps. Right now it's Cecilia. They were all playing nicely and then it all hit the fan. Cecilia bit Kitty in an attempt to make her go away when all Kitty was doing was what I asked and that was to push Cici around. Then it all unravelled from there. So I decided it was nap time. Nothing a good nap can't fix. That was half an hour ago and Cici won't stop screaming. I refuse to go up there cause then they all will wake up and I might as well just get them all out of bed and deal with the aftermath of angry and tired two year olds. No thank you, I'll pass. I'm really hoping that my sister in law gets here soon so I can get the hell out of here and be alone though. My husband works days all week, which would usually make me so elated, but the way these girls are behaving I dread it. My skin cringes and my stomach churns at the thought of being here all day to deal with the wrath of these females. It's slowly killing me, I can feel it. I just know it.

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