Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm at work. I am physically sick to my stomach right now with worry and hurt. My baby has been having issues with her intestines and poop for a few months now. Every time we go to the doctor and he starts her on a regimen of laxatives or other medicines that are supposed to be helping her they do... for a while and then we are back to square one again. I cannot even concentrate today. I don't know why I even came in cause work is the farthest thing in my mind right now. I just want this doctor to call me back and let me know what her blood work results are. Our regular doctor had her on miralax for a while and that helped a little. She still landed in the ER 3 times in between from that. So when that happened he decided that going back to her Gastrointernologist would be a good idea. Initially he wanted her to get a Colonoscopy and see if there was anything that they could see as well as taking a biopsy of tissue in the colon to see if she had a disease of the intestines. When going to the GI doctor he said it wouldn't be necessary to do that test. So instead he had ordered blood work to check for Celiac Disease and put her on Milk of Magnesia once a day instead. It seemed to do the trick. No more issues with constipation, no pain when pooping...nothing. Yesterday she started again with all the same skin cringing symptoms. Screaming, crying and bending over trying to go but couldn't. Her crying in pain tears me apart, because there is nothing that I can do to ease her pain. Her belly blew up like a balloon and caused her even more pain. In the past she had balls of poop stuck in her intestines and there would be pockets of gas stuck in between, which would cause her a great deal of pain. The three times before when she was in the ER she was given an enema as well as xrays to see what was going on since they were scared of a bowel obstruction. Finally at 10:30pm I decided to make our 4th trip to the ER for her to get some relief. I didn't know what else to do. Her xrays showed no poop, just lots of gas stuck in her body that was not being released. The doctor ordered another enema to make sure that there was no poop that was blocking the escape of the gas. Nope, hardly anything came out of her. Still in pain, but with the answers that I had there was no reason to stay at the ER just to wait for her to fart. So we left and since I know what I was looking for in the way of a bowel obstruction I felt confident on taking her home. When we got home all the screaming she had done before started again. I gave her the script for the antispaztic medicine that he gave me and eventually she settled down enough to fall asleep and that was at 2am. Her dad stayed downstairs with her and said that she had a big poop and lots of gas come out in the middle of the night. When she crawled into bed with me this morning she looked much better. He tummy had deflated and she was in a bit of a better mood, although tired I'm sure for not getting good sleep that night. Before leaving for work this morning she started up again though with crying and saying that she was in pain. I'm now at work left wondering if her tummy is filling up with gas again. I decided to make a call into the GI doctor and ask / demand that they give me whatever test results that they have so that I can start doing something about her diet if it does come back as Celiac disease. If it's not that then I will be at my wits end. It cannot simply be a case of constipation. There has to be something more, it feels like there is something more. I hate this so much because I feel so helpless. I am trying to help her, but it feels like I'm doing nothing. I just don't know what my next step is supposed to be. I just want an answer so that I can help and ease her pain. She is the smallest of the three and from the very start she had the roughest time. We thought we were over all the obstacles concerning their bodies, but she is the only one that we are having the most trouble with. If anyone has any suggestions or tips or have been in the same situation and have come to some kind of resolution please let me know.

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